Study: JGAS00000000141




TitleGlobal Architecture of anti-Tumor B-Cell Immunity against Gastric Cancer
AbstractRecent successes in tumor immunotherapies have warranted the importance of tumor immunity. Compared to the T-cell immunity, B-cell immune system in cancer is largely elusive. Here we immunogenetically profiled tumor-infiltrating B-cell and T-cell repertoires for exome- characterized diffuse-type gastric carcinoma (DGC), which is remarkable for its B-cell infiltrations, unraveling previously un-defined architectures of B-cell immunity and its interplays with T-cell immunity in cancer. We also performed transcriptome analysis to enumerate the proportions of tumor-infiltrating immune cells in the gastric cancer environment .
Study Type 1
Study TypeOther
New Study TypeTranscriptome sequencing (Tumor only)
Study Type 2
Study TypeOther
New Study TypeRepertoire sequencing (Tumor vs. Matched-Normal)


Grant 1
TitleKAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (A)
AgencyJapan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Grant ID26710009
Grant 2
TitlePractical Research for Innovative Cancer Control
AgencyJapan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
Grant ID15655817
Grant 3
TitleBasic Science and Platform Technology Program for Innovative Biological Medicine
AgencyJapan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
Grant ID14014019

Study Attribute

NBDC Numberhum0111
Registration date2018-06-15
Submitting organizationDepartment of Genomic Pathology, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Principal InvestigatorShumpei Ishikawa
Molecular Data TypeAmplicon Sequencing of T/B cell antigen receptors
Primary PhenotypeStomach cancer
Accession Title Dataset type Data objects Policy
JGAD00000000210 Amplicon Sequencing of IgVH Amplicon sequencing 120 JGAP00000000001