Study: JGAS00000000160




TitleSusceptibility loci for tanning ability in Japanese population identified by genome-wide association study
AbstractWe performed genome-wide association studies of Japanese Skin Type for Japanese individuals from a cohort study by the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project in order to identify variants related to tanning ability and skin pigmentation. We used imputed genotype data of 9,187 Japanese individuals, of which 4,475 individuals are from Miyagi prefecture and 4,712 individuals are from Iwate prefecture. Skin Type information was obtained from the questionnaire for cohort participants.
Study Type 1
Study TypeGWAS
Study Type 2
Study TypeCohort

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NBDC Numberhum0164
Registration date2018-12-03
Submitting organizationTohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Dermatology
Principal InvestigatorSetsuya Aiba
Molecular Data TypeWhole Genome Genotyping
PlatformInfinium OmniExpressExome-8 Kit
Primary PhenotypeJapanese Skin Type
Accession Title Dataset type Data objects Policy
JGAD00000000238 Summary statistics of GWASs of Japanese skin type in Japanese population Study summary information 0 JGAP00000000001