Study: JGAS00000000169




TitleWhole exome sequencing of uterine adenomyosis
AbstractUterine adenomyosis, defined by proliferation of the ectopic endometrial glands in myometrium, is a common benign uterine disorder that significantly impairs the quality of life of the women it affects. Adenomyosis lesions have chronic inflammatory reactions as well as cancer-like features such as invasive capacity into the normal myometrium. In contrast to endometriosis and leiomyoma, the genomic characterization of adenomyosis has yet to be reported. We conducted high-coverage whole exome sequencing analyses of freshly frozen adenomyosis samples, as well as co-occurring leiomyoma. Our WES analyses showed that adenomyosis is a clonal disorder with somatic mutations.
Study Type
Study TypeExome Sequencing

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NBDC Numberhum0168
Registration date2019-03-11
Submitting organizationNational Cancer Center Research Institute
Principal InvestigatorHiroyuki Mano
Molecular Data TypeWhole Exome Sequencing
PlatformHiSeq 2500
Primary Phenotypea common benign uterine disorder
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JGAD00000000247 Exome bam files of uterine adenomyosis 229 JGAP00000000001