Study: JGAS00000000171




TitleC-MACH reduced-representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS)
AbstractUmbilical cord blood (CB) has been commonly used as an epigenetic surrogate of fetuses. Here, we propose umbilical cord tissue (UC) as an alternative surrogate for epigenetic studies on fetuses. To explore the feasibility to examine UC epigenome by deep sequencing, we determined CpG methylation profiles of human postnatal UC by reduced representation bisulfite sequencing. We compared DNA methylomes between UC and CB. To investigate the effect of folate during pregnancy on fetal DNA methylation, we compared fetal UC DNA methylation between low and high levels of maternal plasma folate. Our study suggests that UC is useful as an alternative surrogate for studying environmental effects on DNA methylation in human fetuses, compensating CB by providing additional information about epigenetic regulation of genes.
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Study TypeOther
New Study TypeRRBS

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NBDC Numberhum0173
Registration date2019-03-15
Submitting organizationChiba University
Principal InvestigatorChisato Mori
Molecular Data TypeWhole Genome (NGS)
Primary Phenotypehealthy infant
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JGAD00000000249 C-MACH RRBS 40 JGAP00000000001