Study: JGAS00000000178




TitleComprehensive genomic analysis of patient derived orthotopic xenograft model in primary central nervous system lymphoma
AbstractThe purpose of this study is to investigate genetic background of orthotopic xenograft cells and aseess consistency with parent tumor cells. For exome sequencing, we used two distinct PCNSL cells (YML9 and YML11). We also performed RNA sequencing for 7 PCNSL patient tumor cells to compare NF-kB pathway activation.
Study Type
Study TypeExome Sequencing

Study Attribute

NBDC Numberhum0169
Registration date2019-04-25
Submitting organizationDepartment of Neurosurgery, Yokohama City Uiversity
Principal InvestigatorTetsuya Yamamoto
Molecular Data TypeWhole Exome Sequencing
PlatformHiSeq 2500
Primary PhenotypePrimary Central Nervous System Lymphoma
PhenotypeNeoplasm of the brain
IDC-10 Disease ClassificationPrimary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (C859)
DiseasePrimary Central Nervous System Lymphoma
Study sampleOrthotopic xenograft model
Library StrategyWhole exome sequencing
Accession Title Dataset type Data objects Policy
JGAD00000000259 Bam, somatic mutation and CNV files of primary central nervous system lymphoma 32 JGAP00000000001