MGA (Mass sequence for Genome Annotation) data
Last Update: 26 Feb, 2015.

DNA Data Bank of Japan has collected data in the MGA category since January
The definition of MGA is as follows.
MGA is defined as those sequences which are produced in large quantity in view
of genome annotation.

MGA is classified into a special category like WGS (Whole Genome Shotgun), but
not into a specific division like EST or GSS. Thus, the taxonomic division is
assigned to the MGA data.

1.Accession Number
The accession number for each MGA entry is composed of 5 letter prefixes and
7 digits like an example given below.
ABCDE0000001, in which,
AB; PROJECT identifier,
CDE; RESOURCE identifier of each PROJECT,
ABCDE; RESOURCE identifier in a given project, and
ABCDE00000001; the accession number for each sequence in the PROJECT.

A cross reference between the project name and the first two letters of the
prefix is shown in project_index.html/.txt

RESOURCE showing the source from which the sequences obtained is unified for
each PROJECT. One RESOURCE is comparable with one cDNA library.

For details about the relationship between the resource information and the
prefix, refer to resource.html/.txt.
 Project_ID  organism  submitted  updated 
 AA  Mus musculus  18-APR-2005  17-APR-2009 
 AB  Homo sapiens  12-APR-2006  17-APR-2009 
 AC  Oryzias latipes  01-NOV-2006  13-DEC-2007 
 AD  Homo sapiens  13-APR-2007  23-JUL-2008 
 AE  Homo sapiens  11-JUN-2007  05-DEC-2011 
 AG  Mus musculus  17-JUN-2008  17-APR-2009 
 AF  Homo sapiens  28-MAR-2008  17-APR-2009 
 AI  Homo sapiens  04-DEC-2008  17-APR-2009 
 AJ  Homo sapiens  19-MAR-2009  17-APR-2009 
 AK  Mus musculus  19-MAR-2009  17-APR-2009 
 AH  Bombyx mori  26-MAR-2009  29-OCT-2009 
 AM  Drosophila melanogaster  03-DEC-2009  05-JAN-2010 
 AN  Mus musculus  15-FEB-2010  22-MAR-2016 
 AL  Mus musculus  22-APR-2009  15-JUN-2010 
 AO  Petunia x hybrida  24-SEP-2010  26-FEB-2015 

entries:35,531,425 resource:293