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identifier PRJDB1106
type bioproject
organism Edwardsiella tarda NUF806
title Edwardsiella tarda genome project 1 (FRA)
description Edwardsiella tarda is an enterobacterium which causes a fatal disease of cultured fishes, such as red sea bream, eel, and flounder. In addition, E. tarda has been isolated from other animals and many environments. To clarify the relationship between genotype and evolutionary process of this bacterium, we sequenced and compared the genomes of pathogenic and non-pathogenic E. tarda strains isolated from fish, human, and eel pond
data type Genome Sequencing
sra-run  DRR012577DRR012578DRR012579DRR012580DRR012581DRR012582DRR012583DRR012584DRR012585DRR012586 More
sra-submission  DRA001012
biosample  SAMD00003838SAMD00003840SAMD00003839SAMD00003837SAMD00003841SAMD00003834SAMD00003836SAMD00003835
sra-study  DRP001054
sra-sample  DRS011378DRS011379DRS011380DRS011381DRS011382DRS011383DRS011384DRS011385
sra-experiment  DRX011533DRX011534DRX011535DRX011536DRX011537DRX011538DRX011539DRX011540DRX011541DRX011542 More
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dateCreated 2013-04-25T04:24:52+09:00
dateModified 2015-11-20T02:45:05+09:00
datePublished 2014-02-06T05:17:35+09:00