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identifier PRJDB1120
type bioproject
organism Rhyacionia leptotubula
title Characterization of the global transcriptome for Rhyacionia leptotubula
description The pine tip moth, Rhyacionia leptotubula (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) is one of the most destructive forestry pests in Yunnan Province, China. Despite its importance, less is known regarding all aspects of this pest. Understanding the genetic information of it is essential for exploring the specific traits at the molecular level. Thus, we here sequenced the transcriptome of R. leptotubula with the high-throughput Illumina sequencing.
data type Transcriptome or Gene Expression
sra-run  DRR012970
sra-submission  DRA001033
biosample  SAMD00012482
sra-study  DRP001075
sra-sample  DRS011702
sra-experiment  DRX011860
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status public
visibility unrestricted-access
dateCreated 2013-05-14T05:48:18+0000
dateModified 2015-11-20T02:45:41+0000
datePublished 2014-01-30T07:30:36+0000