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identifier PRJDB2175
type bioproject
sra-study  DRP001084
organism Homo sapiens
title Exome analysis of AT-iPS cells
description To investigate genomic alteration in AT-iPS cells, compared to parental AT1OS cells, Ataxia telangictasia patient derived fibroblast, we performed exome analysis for AT-iPS 4 cell lines, ATiPS-262(at passage 17), ATiPS-263(at passage 27), ATiPS-264(at passage 25), ATiPS-024(at passage 25), and parental AT1OS cells.
data type DDBJ SRA Study
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sra-run  DRR045159DRR045160DRR045161DRR045162DRR045163
sra-submission  DRA001042
biosample  SAMD00009056SAMD00009055SAMD00009054SAMD00009052SAMD00009053
sra-study  DRP001084
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sra-experiment  DRX011920DRX011921DRX011922DRX011923DRX011924
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status public
visibility unrestricted-access
dateCreated 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000
dateModified 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000
datePublished 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000