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identifier PRJDB2206
type bioproject
sra-study  DRP000422
organism Neurospora crassa OR74A
title Whole genome bisulfite sequencng analysis on two model organisms
description Sequencing templates for whoel genome bisulfite sequencing analysis were prepared from genomic DNA of two model organisms, N. crassa and A. thaliana, using Post-bisulfite adaptor tagging (PBAT) method. For N. crassa, templates were prepared from 100 ng, 250 pg and 125pg of genomic DNA. For A. thaliana, template was prepared from 100 ng of genomic DNA. Sequencing was performed with Illumina GAIIx with single read of length 75 or 120 nt. none provided
data type DDBJ SRA Study
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sra-submission  DRA000414
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sra-study  DRP000422
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status public
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dateCreated 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000
dateModified 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000
datePublished 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000