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identifier PRJDB2460
type bioproject
sra-study  DRP000633
organism Gnathopogon caerulescens x Gnathopogon elongatus
title A RAD-based linkage map for QTL analysis and comparative genomics in the gudgeons (genus Gnathopogon, Cyprinidae)
description The construction of linkage maps is a first step to explore genetic basis for adaptive phenotypic divergence in closely related species by quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis, and useful for the comparative genomics in non-model organisms. Advances in genomics technologies make it more feasible than ever to study genetics of adaptation in natural populations. Restriction-site associated DNA (RAD) sequencing on next-generation sequencers facilitates a development of a large number of genetic markers and genotyping. To elucidate the genetic architecture underlying phenotypic diversification in relation to the use of the limnetic niches of the gudgeons of the genus Gnathopogon (Cyprinidae), we aimed at constructing a linkage map of these freshwater fishes for QTL analysis and comparative genomics with the zebrafish Danio rerio belonging to the same family as gudgeons.
data type DDBJ SRA Study
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