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identifier PRJDB2510
type bioproject
sra-study  DRP000697
organism human gut metagenome
title Metgenomic analysis of human gut microbiome in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).
description 13 individual of Japanese patients with multiple sclerosis. Microbial DNA was sequenced using a 454 GS FLX titanium (Roche).
data type Other
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sra-run  DRR002663
sra-submission  DRA000666
biosample  SAMD00012379
sra-study  DRP000697
sra-sample  DRS002134
sra-experiment  DRX002000
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status public
visibility unrestricted-access
dateCreated 2014-05-12T00:46:27+0000
dateModified 2015-09-05T13:04:39+0000
datePublished 2015-09-05T13:04:37+0000