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identifier PRJDB2761
type bioproject
sra-study  DRP001342
organism Homo sapiens
title GRWD1 regulates chromatin and pre-RC
description We previously identified GRWD1 (glutamate-rich WD40 repeat containing 1) as a novel Cdt1-binding protein. In this study, we showed that GRWD1 is a novel histone-binding protein that regulates chromatin structure and pre-replication complex formation genome wide.The following data set were used in Sugimoto et.al (NAR, 2015).DRX003222,DRX003223,DRX003226,DRX013513,DRX013514,DRX021249,DRX021250,DRX021251,DRX021252,DRX021253,DRX021254.
data type Other
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