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identifier PRJDB42
type bioproject
organism Cryptomeria japonica
title Transcriptome analysis of Cryptomeria japonica
description Cryptomeria japonica (Sugi) is an endemic conifer in Japan and is widely grown due to their rapid growth and high wood quality. However, the allergic reactions caused by its pollen have become a serious public-health problem in Japan. The genome size of conifers are very large and the estimated genome size of C. japonica is about 10.1 Gbp that is equivalent to three times the size of the human genome. Deep transcriptome sequencing is cost-effective way to identify the genes controlling vegetative and reproductive development. In this project, transcriptome profiling will be performed using full-length enriched cDNA library derived from needles, male and female strobili, and reproductive shoots.
data type Transcriptome or Gene Expression
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datePublished 2016-02-01T13:02:11+09:00