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identifier PRJDB4334
type bioproject
organism Diospyros kaki
title Genetic to epigenetic switch in the flexible sex determination system of polyploid persimmon
description In this project, we exploited evidences for the establishment of an epigenetic switch regulating sex determination in polyploid persimmon. In diploid wild persimmons (Diospyros spp.), male flower development is based on the repression of MeGI by the Y-encoded male-determining factor OGI. On the other hand, in hexaploid Oriental persimmon (D. kaki), transient small-RNAs derived from MeGI and the resultant DNA methylation play a main role in sex-determination. This regulation leads to the formation of monoeocy phenotype, in genetically male individuals which carry the Y-chromosomes. OGI expression is undetectable in hexaploid persimmon, possibly due to the SINE-like insertion in the 5' region of its promoter. These situations suggest the adaptive evolution from dioecious sex determination to a flexible sex determination following polyploidization. Here, we give illumina reads data for small-RNAseq analysis in the annual cycles in both diploid D. lotus and hexaploid D. kaki, and for bisulfite PCR sequencing in plant organs in male and female flowers/individuals.
data type Epigenomics Targeted Locus (Loci) Transcriptome or Gene Expression
Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists By Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research By Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
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dateCreated 2015-11-03T05:31:12+0000
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datePublished 2017-04-05T04:19:51+0000