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identifier PRJDB527
type bioproject
organism Clostridiales bacterium VE202-08
title Draft genome sequencing of Clostridium sp. VE202-08
description Starting from a healthy human faecal sample, we obtained gnotobiotic mice colonized with a human microbiota enriched in Treg-inducing strains. From these mice, we cultured and selected strains of bacteria, and performed genome sequencing.
data type Genome Sequencing
sra-run  DRR002760DRR002761
sra-submission  DRA000707
biosample  SAMD00006264
sra-study  DRP000738
sra-sample  DRS002190
sra-experiment  DRX002097DRX002098
distribution JSONJSON-LD
status public
visibility unrestricted-access
dateCreated 2012-09-14T07:37:03+0000
dateModified 2013-07-11T05:57:11+0000
datePublished 2013-07-11T05:57:11+0000