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identifier PRJNA74863
type bioproject
organism Homo sapiens
title ARRA Autism Sequencing Collaboration
description The ARRA Autism Sequencing Collaboration was created in 2010 bringing together expert large-scale sequencing center (at the Baylor College of Medicine, PI Richard Gibbs and the Board Institute of MIT and Harvard, PI Mark J. Daly) and a collaborative network of research labs focused on the genetics of autism (brought together by the Autism Genome Project and the Autism Consortium). These groups worked together to utilize dramatic new advances in DNA sequencing technology to reveal the genetic architecture of autism through comprehensive examination of the exotic sequence of all genes. The Autism Sequencing Consortium (ASC) was founded by Joseph D. Buxbaum and colleagues as an international group of scientists who share autism spectrum disorder (ASD) samples and genetic data. The PIs are Drs. Joseph D. Buxbaum (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai), Mark J. Daly (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard), Bernie Devlin (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine... (for more see dbGaP study page.)
data type Phenotype or Genotype
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