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identifier SAMD00009613
type biosample
sra-sample  DRS002021
organism Mus musculus
sample_name  DRS002021
sample comment  Cumulus cells on 129/svj (female) x JF1 (male) backgroud were used for nuclear transfer and embryos were recovered at E13.5. The brain was dissected from a E13.5 embryo and total RNA was prepared using RNeasy mini kit (Qiagen). Four micrograms of total RNA was used for library construction using TruSeq RNA Sample Prep Kit v2 (Illumina) according to the manufacturer’s protocol. Briefly, poly-A containing mRNAs were purified using poly-T oligo-attached magnetic beads. The purified mRNAs were fragmented using divalent cations under elevated temperatures, and then converted to dsDNA by two rounds of cDNA synthesis using reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase I. After an end repair process, DNA fragments were ligated with adaptor oligos. The ligated products were amplified using 15 cycles of PCR to generate RNA-seq library. Library integrity was verified by Bioanalyzer DNA1000 assay (Agilent technologies). Sequencing was performed in 39bp paired end mode using Genome Analyzer IIx (Illumina).
bioproject  PRJDB2260
sra-run  DRR002525
sra-submission  DRA000627
sra-study  DRP000658
sra-sample  DRS002021
sra-experiment  DRX001886
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datePublished 2013-10-20T15:00:00+09:00