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identifier SAMD00131345
type biosample
sra-sample  DRS071380
organism Citrus sinensis
sample_name  Citfus sinensis
bioproject_id  PRJDB5882
collection_date  not collected
cultivar  Trovita
env_biome  not applicable
env_feature  not applicable
env_material  not applicable
estimated_size  not applicable
geo_loc_name  not applicable
isol_growth_condt  not applicable
lat_lon  not applicable
num_replicons  not applicable
ploidy  not applicable
project_name  Draft Sequencing of the Heterozygous Diploid Genome of Satsuma
propagation  not applicable
bioproject  PRJDB5882
sra-run  DRR142816
sra-submission  DRA007071
sra-study  DRP004331
sra-sample  DRS071380
sra-experiment  DRX135530
distribution JSONJSON-LD
status public
visibility unrestricted-access
dateCreated 2018-07-04T08:55:10+0000
dateModified 2018-07-18T06:43:20+0000
datePublished 2018-07-17T14:19:47+0000