ddbj > jga-dataset > JGAD000362
identifier JGAD000362
type jga-dataset
organism Homo sapiens
dbXrefs JGAP000011 JGAS000259

DATASET_TYPE : Whole genome sequencing

center_name : Individual

DESCRIPTION : Sample information: DNA extracted from peripheral blood cells of three sample individuals jg1a, jg1b, and jg1c. ; Experiment information: PacBio whole genome long read sequencing, Bionano whole genome optical mapping (BspQI and BssSI for jg1a, DLE-1 for jg1b and jg1c); Illumina whole genome short read paired-end sequencing (162bp and 259 bp), Illumina whole genome mate-pair sequencing (201 bp); DNBseq whole genome short read paired-end sequencing 150 bp), and ONT whole genome long read sequencing

alias : JSUB000387_Dataset_0001

ANALYSIS_REFS : {ANALYSIS_REF={refcenter=Individual, accession=JGAZ000004584, refname=JGAZ000004584}}

TITLE : Datasets for constructing and assessing JG1

accession : JGAD000362

POLICY_REF : {refcenter=nbdc, accession=JGAP000011, refname=JGAP000011}

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dateCreated 2020-11-04T01:08:19+0000
dateModified 2020-11-05T06:48:04+0000
datePublished 2020-11-04T02:15:34+0000