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identifier JGAS000149
type jga-study
organism Homo sapiens
dbXrefs JGAD000225 JGAD000224 JGAD000223 JGAP000008 JGAC000001

PUBLICATIONS : {PUBLICATION={DB_TYPE=PUBMED, id=30906638, status=published}}

DESCRIPTOR : {STUDY_TITLE=The exploratory research of diagnositic biomarker and therapeutic targets of renal cell carcinoma., STUDY_ABSTRACT=We search more effective markers, which predict worse prognosis in patients with RCC and become targets for therapy of RCC, using tissues of patients with RCC by global transcriptional analysis., STUDY_TYPES={STUDY_TYPE={existing_study_type=Transcriptome Sequencing}}}

center_name : Individual

alias : JSUB000222_Study_0001


accession : JGAS000149

STUDY_ATTRIBUTES : {STUDY_ATTRIBUTE=[{TAG=NBDC Number, VALUE=hum0148}, {TAG=Registration date, VALUE=2018-09-03}, {TAG=Submitting organization, VALUE=The Cancer Institute Hospital Of JFCR}, {TAG=Principal Investigator, VALUE=Takeshi Yuasa}, {TAG=Molecular Data Type, VALUE=RNA-seq}, {TAG=Platform, VALUE=Genome Analyzer IIx}, {TAG=Vendor, VALUE=Illumina}, {TAG=Comment, VALUE=null}, {TAG=Primary Phenotype, VALUE=Renal cell carcinoma}]}

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dateCreated 2018-09-13T01:21:39+0000
dateModified 2020-09-25T00:04:23+0000
datePublished 2020-09-28T02:30:19+0000