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identifier JGAS000237
type jga-study
organism Homo sapiens
dbXrefs JGAD000335 JGAD000336 JGAP000001 JGAC000001

DESCRIPTOR : {STUDY_TITLE=An Organoid Biobank of Rare Human Neuroendocrine Neoplasms Enables Genotype-Phenotype Mapping, STUDY_ABSTRACT=We performed whole genome sequencing and RNA-sequencing of neuroendocrine neoplasm. The aim of this study was to provide genetic landscape of neuroendocrine neoplasm, to construct available animal models, and to engineer neuroendocrine neoplasm from normal colon epithelium. The reference genomes used are GRCh37 for whole genome sequencing and GRCh38 for RNA-sequencing., STUDY_TYPES={STUDY_TYPE=[{existing_study_type=Whole Genome Sequencing}, {existing_study_type=Tumor vs. Matched-Normal}, {existing_study_type=Transcriptome Sequencing}]}}

center_name : Individual

alias : JSUB000316_Study_0001


accession : JGAS000237

GRANTS : {GRANT=[{AGENCY={abbr=JSPS, content=Japan Society for the Promotion of Science}, grant_id=17H06176, TITLE=Comprehensive understanding of digestive diseases through organoid library conostruction}, {AGENCY={abbr=P-CREATE, content=Project for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Evolution}, grant_id=19cm0106206h0004, TITLE=Development of advanced drug discovery system based on understanding of cancer multi-level phenotype}, {AGENCY={abbr=AMED, content=Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development}, grant_id=19ck0106471h0001, TITLE=Elucidation of the malignancy of late stage lung cancer using lung cancer organoid technology}]}

STUDY_ATTRIBUTES : {STUDY_ATTRIBUTE=[{TAG=NBDC Number, VALUE=hum0201}, {TAG=Registration date, VALUE=2020-06-09}, {TAG=Submitting organization, VALUE=Department of Organoid Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine}, {TAG=Principal Investigator, VALUE=Toshiro Sato}, {TAG=Molecular Data Type, VALUE=Whole Genome sequencing}, {TAG=Platform, VALUE=HiSeq xten}, {TAG=Vendor, VALUE=Illumina}, {TAG=Comment, VALUE=null}, {TAG=Molecular Data Type, VALUE=RNA-sequencing}, {TAG=Platform, VALUE=HiSeq 4000}, {TAG=Vendor, VALUE=Illumina}, {TAG=Comment, VALUE=null}, {TAG=Molecular Data Type, VALUE=RNA-sequencing}, {TAG=Platform, VALUE=NovaSeq 6000}, {TAG=Vendor, VALUE=Illumina}, {TAG=Comment, VALUE=null}, {TAG=Primary Phenotype, VALUE=Neuroendocrine neoplasm}, {TAG=Phenotype, VALUE=Neuroendocrine cancer}, {TAG=Phenotype, VALUE=Neuroendocrine tumor}]}

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dateCreated 2020-06-26T00:06:50+0000
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datePublished 2020-11-20T04:55:49+0000