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identifier JGAS000256
type jga-study
organism Homo sapiens
dbXrefs JGAD000359 JGAP000001 JGAC000001

DESCRIPTOR : {STUDY_TITLE=Gene expression data of 2D duodenum organoids with or without continuous flow, STUDY_ABSTRACT=We developed a monolayer culture system for small intestinal organoids, and then placed the culture plate on a rotator to generate a constant flow in the overlay medium. This mechanical stimulation facilitated the formation of villus-like structures from the monolayer of small intestinal organoids. We analyzed gene expression of 2D normal duodenum organoids with or without medium rotation. Total RNA was extracted from organoids with or without a four-day medium rotation, and after 0, 1, 2 or 4 days of medium rotation, and sequenced with HiSeq X Ten (Illumina)., STUDY_TYPES={STUDY_TYPE={new_study_type=RNA Sequencing, existing_study_type=Other}}}

center_name : Individual

alias : JSUB000379_Study_0001

accession : JGAS000256

STUDY_ATTRIBUTES : {STUDY_ATTRIBUTE=[{TAG=NBDC Number, VALUE=hum0201}, {TAG=Registration date, VALUE=2020-10-07}, {TAG=Submitting organization, VALUE=Keio University School of Medicine}, {TAG=Principal Investigator, VALUE=Toshiro Sato}, {TAG=Molecular Data Type, VALUE=RNA Sequencing}, {TAG=Platform, VALUE=Hiseq X Ten}, {TAG=Vendor, VALUE=Illumina}, {TAG=Comment, VALUE=null}, {TAG=Primary Phenotype, VALUE=Normal duodenum}]}

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dateCreated 2020-10-12T01:34:40+0000
dateModified 2020-10-12T01:50:44+0000
datePublished 2020-11-20T05:23:34+0000