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identifier ERS013010
type sra-sample
biosample  SAMEA767612
organism Homo sapiens
ATCC(R) Number  CRL-2339(TM)
ENA first public  2010-11-15
ENA last update  2018-03-08
External Id  SAMEA767612
INSDC center alias  INCTC
INSDC center name  National Institute of Science and Technology in Stem Cell and Cell Therapy, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
INSDC first public  2010-11-15T16:21:14Z
INSDC last update  2018-03-08T16:03:55Z
INSDC status  public
Submitter Id  HCC1954BL
common name  human
sample name  HCC1954BL
bioproject  PRJEB2210PRJEB2345
sra-run  ERR015704ERR015705ERR015706ERR015707ERR015708ERR015709ERR015710ERR015711ERR015712ERR015713 More
sra-submission  ERA010917ERA011762ERA015355
biosample  SAMEA767612
sra-study  ERP000265ERP000418
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distribution JSONJSON-LD
ERA015355.sample.xml  HTTPS FTP
status public
visibility unrestricted-access
dateCreated 2010-11-18T20:22:05Z
dateModified 2021-09-25T19:20:52Z
datePublished 2010-11-18T20:34:17Z