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"原核生物の16S rRNAや全長規模プラスミド配列" および "真核生物の全長規模オルガネラ配列" 登録に関する注意事項

上記配列に加え、同一菌株・個体由来の完全長ゲノムまたはドラフトゲノム配列も登録予定である場合は、NSSSを使用せず、必ずMass Submission Systemより登録を行ってください。

Notes for the submission of "16S rRNA or complete/nearly complete plasmid sequence(s) from prokaryote" or "finished level organelle genome(s) from eukaryote"

In addition to the nucleotide sequences shown above, if you are also planning to submit the complete or draft genomes obtained from the same strains/isolates of the 16S rRNA, plasmid, or organelle, do NOT proceed with the submission by NSSS. Instead, use Mass Submission System to submit them.

Submission of small-scale nucleotide sequence data with annotation. In case of project data, please use BioProject, MSS, and DRA. Create new submission
You must obtain BioProject ID and/or locus_tag prefix, before the submission of project data, such as WGS, complete genome, transcriptome project data, DRA, and DTA. The BioProject database collects information about a higher order organization of research projects and its corresponding data. Using BioProject ID make it possible to obtain the same project from various nucleotide sequence databases.
Mass Submission System (MSS)
Please use mass submission system for the submission of following data. WGS, WGS scaffold(s), complete bacterial/eukaryotic genome, HTG, CON, GSS, EST, TSA, and other data includes huge number of sequences.
DDBJ Sequence Read Archive (DRA)
For repository of the output data generated by the next-generation sequencing platforms.