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Taxon Taxonomy ID Rank Common Name
30560 suborder
3136025 family wing-gland bats
30562 family sac-winged, sheath-tailed, and ghost bats
148080 family smoky bats
981671 family bent-winged or long-winged bats
9436 family free-tailed bats
59445 family ghost-faced bats
94959 family New Zealand short-tailed bats
155036 family sucker-footed bats
59446 family funnel-eared bats
94957 family bulldog bats
59447 family hollow-faced bats
9415 family American leaf-nosed and vampire bats; leaf-nosed bats
124757 family disk-winged bats
9431 family common bats; vespertilionid bats; vesper bats